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Telling your story....

I love having a camera in my hands taking photos for people; there's just no better job.  I'm looking for the special smiles shared between people who love each other; I want to capture the first expressions of your newborn baby; and I want to capture families in all their glory.  Because life is a challenge and every day "it's great to be alive."   


I'd love the opportunity to tell your story through photography.  Please call or email me to book a time convenient for everyone.  Peace, love and joy to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have booked a session and given a deposit, that is a commitment. The following information is our policy with regard to your Booked Session.

What if we have a family emergency?  My time is as valuable as yours, and I understand when issues and problems arrive that is why we do not give returns on Booked Sessions.  We are happy to re-schedule a time in the future when you and your family will be able to gather. Your session deposit does not expire.

What happens if it rains or is raining on the day of our shoot?  For rain days, we will accept re-scheduling for a later time on the same day or a day in the future.

For Hurricane conditions, we will re-schedule for a later date.

What should we wear?  You should wear clothing that is comfortable and cool.

As for colors, I have published a document that will help you with that.  At this time, I can email or mail it to you, please ask.

What is the signature at the bottom of our photos?  The signature at the bottom of your photos is what is called the Photographers Watermark.  Each photographer is different.  I am an artist, it is my signature.  I will always keep it small and unassuming.  If you are having images re-produced, please alert me and I will subtly blend my watermark on your images.

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